Things to do in Uvalde

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Prepare your taste buds for a delectable culinary journey in Uvalde County! From mouthwatering Tex-Mex delights and sizzling barbecue to farm-to-table freshness, the county boasts an array of dining experiences to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re indulging in authentic Mexican street tacos or savoring the flavors of locally sourced ingredients at charming eateries, Uvalde County is a food lover’s paradise that will leave you craving for more.


Uvalde County is home to an array of historic and picturesque churches that reflect the area’s deep-rooted spiritual heritage. Each place of worship holds a unique story and welcomes visitors with open arms. Whether you’re interested in exploring the rich history of these sacred sites or seeking solace in a peaceful sanctuary, the churches of Uvalde County offer a serene and uplifting experience for all who visit.


The Potter’s House Church of Uvalde
201 N 5th St, Uvalde, TX 78801

First Baptist Church
220 N High St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Getty Street Church of Christ
125 E Garden St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Risen Community Church of Uvalde
2210 Milam St, Uvalde, TX 78801

The Light of the World Church
556 W Main St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Bread of Life Christian
700 N High St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Streams of Mercy Church
115 Ruth St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Redeeming Grace Fellowship
519 S High St, Uvalde, Tx 78801

First Presbyterian Church of Uvalde
300 N Getty St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Garner Field Baptist Church
1220 Garner Field Rd, Uvalde, TX 78801

Trinity Lutheran Church
762 N Getty St, Uvalde, TX 78801

St. Phillips’s Episcopal Church
343 N Getty St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Uvalde Methodist Church
301 N High St, Uvalde, TX 78801

North Side Baptist Church
1801 Knox St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Baptist Temple Church
620 E Main St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Iglesia La Fe Church
317 W Daniel St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Templo Cristiano/Tree City Assembly
231 N Park St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Church of the Nazarene
N Milam St, Uvalde, TX 78801

New Testament Fellowship
220 S Crisp St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Apostolic Church
536 Flores St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
408 Fort Clark Rd, Uvalde, TX 78801

Life Church Pentecostal Church
676 W Antonio St 55 E, Uvalde, TX 78801

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
420 Ham Ln, Uvalde, TX 78801

110 S Grove St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Primera Iglesia Bautista Church
501-515 Boone St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Sacred Heart Convent
343 N Crisp St, Uvalde, TX 78801

El Shaddai Uvalde
539 W Main St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Del Rio-Uvalde Baptist Association
117 E Commerce St, Uvalde, Tx 78801

Uvalde Seventh-day Adventist Church
627 N High St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses
210 Jolley St, Uvalde, TX 78801

Iglesia Nueva Jerico
199 Windmill Rd, Uvalde, TX 78801

Templo El Paraiso
59 Uvalde Estates Dr, Crystal City Hwy, Uvalde, TX 78801

Uvalde Mennonite Church
2118 TX-55, Uvalde, TX 78801


Concan Baptist Mission
23711 US-83, Concan, Texas 78838

Concan Church of Christ
23169 N. Hwy 83 Concan, TX 78838

Reagan Wells

Reagen Wells Baptist Church 8415 Farm to Market Rd 1051 N, Uvalde, TX 78801 reaganwellsbaptistchurch.org


Central Christian Church
516 N Center St, Sabinal, TX 78881

First Baptist Church
607 N San Antonio St, Sabinal, TX 78881

Sabinal Methodist Church
200 Fisher Ave W, Sabinal, TX 78881

Parish of Saint Patrick – Rectory
511 N Orange St, Sabinal, TX 78881


Utopia Baptist Church
241 Johnson St, Utopia, TX 78884

Utopia Church of Christ
132 Main St, Utopia, TX 78884

Living Waters Outreach
13976 FM 1050, Utopia, TX 78884

Utopia United Methodist Church
571 Cypress St Box 388, Utopia, TX 78884

St. Mary’s Catholic Church
32141 RM 187, Utopia, TX 78884


Templo Jehová Jireh
201 Main St, Knippa, TX 78870

Emmanuel Lutheran Church
250 S Farm to Market 1049, Knippa, TX 78870

Saint Joseph Catholic Church
105 Houston St, Knippa, TX 78870

Church of Christ
11207 US-90, Knippa, TX 78870

Live Music

Uvalde County reverberates with a vibrant music scene that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Texas. From lively country tunes that set the dance floor ablaze to soul-stirring performances of local musicians, the county is alive with the sounds of melodies and rhythms that resonate with every visitor. Whether you’re tapping your feet to classic country beats at a local honky-tonk or soaking in the enchanting melodies of live outdoor concerts, the music in Uvalde County will leave you with cherished memories and a newfound appreciation for the musical spirit of the region.


Adventure awaits in Uvalde County, where outdoor enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a plethora of thrilling activities. Discover the rugged beauty of Garner State Park, offering hiking trails, swimming in the Frio, Nueces, or Sabinal River, and picturesque camping spots. Dive into the excitement of tubing and kayaking along the crystal-clear waterways, or explore the enchanting Lost Maples State Natural Area, renowned for its stunning fall foliage. With birdwatching, fishing, and wildlife photography opportunities, Uvalde County is a nature lover’s paradise that promises unforgettable experiences at every turn.


Indulge in a unique shopping experience in Uvalde County, where charming boutiques and local shops line the streets, offering a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind finds. From artisanal crafts and handmade jewelry to western wear and authentic cowboy boots, you’ll discover an array of items that beautifully reflect the region’s rich heritage. Embrace the friendly atmosphere of bustling farmers’ markets, where you can savor fresh produce and local delicacies, making shopping in Uvalde County a delightful blend of tradition and contemporary charm.